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'It's been a long time, but we're not done yet'

Will the battle against climate change ever be done? In this game, maybe..

In the distant future of 2026, pollution has reached critical levels and humanity has been forced to go underground, leaving the planet a disgusting polluted mess. Automation meant that these factories are completely functional without any human interaction and the security bots prevented any human from shutting down the factories. It's your job as the chimney sweeping robot to infiltrate the factories and detonate an explosive.

WASD to move
Spacebar to jump
Mouse for looking around

E to enter Tank mode
Left Click to fire weapon (only available in tank mode)
Left Shift to speed boost (only available after factory 1)

No controller support

Install instructions

Unzip the file, Open the folder, open the .exe


SuspensionStudios_ChimneySweep.zip 329 MB

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